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Toll Free: 800 258-7441 - Local: 805 988-8044 - Fax: 805 988-8059 Purchase >$75 To Get FREE Shipping in USA


For support you can always call: (800) 258-7441 or (805) 988-8044 or email:

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Q: What is that red thing to the righthand side of the products that are in my shopping cart?

A:  That is a trash can that can be used to delete an item from your shopping cart.

Q: What do you have in the store?

A: We have a 135′ Ogilvie Grandstand and a 110" Olgivie Custom Flat Track. We have cars and controllers for rent and a huge selection of cars, parts and accessories. Also we have video games and soft drinks and snacks.

Q: What are your rates?

A: Track time is $3.00 for 15 minutes. Track time with a rental car and controller is $9.00 per half hour.

Q: Do you have for parties?

A:Yes. Call or stop in for party rates and to make a reservations.

Q: Do you have races?

A:Yes. Our race program is held on Saturday Afternoon at 3:30pm.

A:Currently we are racing four classes of cars.Q: I’m interested in racing slot cars, but it seems a bit complicated to figure out what to start out with, where should I begin?

  • Formula 1 / Indy Cars - 4" stamped steel Indy / F1 chasis with Falcon motors.
  • 4" Nascars – stamped steel chasis with Falcon motors.
  • GTP Cars – Stamped Steel Chasis with Falcon motors.
  • Group 12 (Boxstock) Wing Cars

A:Most entry level racers begin by shopping at their local slot car raceway. Ask to see the large variety of Parma Starter Sets (The New Super Starter Sets #SS445TX & #SS448TX are great values) that include Parma Challenge Cup Rules and choose the type car used in the class(es) that intrest you the most. The easiest way is to add a PSE Proformance Super 16-D armature. These arms are not rebalance, but balanced to the strictest tolerances from a fresh new arm. They are diamond trued and ready to go into your best setup!

Q: How can I increase the performance of my super 16-D motor for GTP racing?


We recommend Slick 7 High Temperature Silver Solder for best results. Use acid flux and be sure to wash all metal parts afterwards to avoid acid flux corrosion.

Q: What is the best solder to use when assembling a PSE Pro Chassis?


Q: Is there a way to build my own slot track?


Get our "How to Build a Slot Car Track" booklet Parma #481 for ideas, instructions, tips and track layouts.

Q: What is the best way to upgrade my Parma Turbo Controller?